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MacVim is another representative text editor of the Vim family, designed specifically for mac OS platform. As all the legacy Vim-based projects, MacVim is available for free and is shared as an open-source product. This program is closer integrated into mac OS system, than terminal Vim or even GVim for Linux. Regarding all the other issues, MacVim will work in absolutely the same manner as Vim.

Primary MacVim features

Below the essential differences of MacVim from Vim will be described in short.

In general, the default Vim editor is slightly outdated in OS X system in comparison with MacVim tool. For instance, the latter supports nearly all of the regular shortcuts, which Mac users are so accustomed to. Here you can add your own new shortcut references, especially if you are getting used to work in multiple environments.

Another important difference is that in MacVim many great color schemes work out of the box. Nevertheless, in plain Terminal console utility they may look awfully, as far as elder builds support just 8 colors and you are still working on outdated Mac OS X verison. If you pay attention to such matters, perhaps you will need to find some alternative to plain Terminal, such as iTerm, or update your mac OS instance. If this obstacle is not a matter for you, then you will need to adapt to such an unattractive color gamma.

Regarding the rest, MacVim is just another amicable adaptation of good old Vim to your mac OS- based computer station, so you may easily use both of the tools depending on the context and situation. Refer to official project web-page and download MacVim for free from there, if you got interest in the applet. The text editor supports utf8 and several other formats, which are applicable only in developer’s area of interest.

Format compatibility:

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