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Skim is the first freeware PDF viewer, developed for mac OS operation system. Nevertheless, it provides all abilities, required for proficient contemporary user demands. The software package is distributed, following the open-source basis. In addition to plain PDF documents with plenty of graphics and charts, Skim is able to read and annotate scientific papers.

Primary Skim features

Here is the highlight of most peculiar and salient product capabilities, that let it remain special among the rival similar-purposed projects:

  • PDF viewing;
  • editing and adding notes;
  • important text fragments highlighting, where single-swipe highlight modes are included;
  • generating instant snapshots for fast reference access;
  • simplified navigation via thumbnails or table of contents with the aid of visual history;
  • viewing all your highlights and notes;
  • comfortable reading in full-screen mode;
  • allows stylish and picturesque presentations with embedded transitions;
  • amicable internal links preview;
  • focus applying the reading bar;
  • a specific tool for magnification;
  • intelligent cropping means;
  • wide-focus support of AppleScript language;
  • bookmarks;
  • chance to store password combinations in Keychain;
  • opportunity to export notes as text representation;
  • automatic downloading of remote PDFs;
  • full-scope support for Apple Remote Control;
  • integration with PDFSync, SyncTex, and LaTeX;
  • interaction with BibDesk and supplemental external apps;
  • high customization degree.

The project is still continuously supported by the authors, so compatibility with the latest mac OS revisions is guaranteed. In order to make sure, just download Skim for free and run the installation wizard on your environment. The reader extensively supports pdf and tex file formats.

Format compatibility:

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