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TeXShop is a basic freeware TeX and LaTeX previewer and editor for macOS computer system. In comparison with other LaTeX editors for the same platform, such as LyX, Texmaker and TeXworks, the abilities of TeXShop are quite limited, as far as it strictly requires the integration of a range of plugins and extensions in order to fulfill the general user expectations. Generally, it concerns the early builds of the package mainly. For instance, after installing the external “pdfsync.sty” library and simple configuration, the ability appears to switch between code and preview forth and back. In recent versions of the tool, such an option is applicable for multipart documents.

Primary TeXShop features

Starting from 2.18 build and onward, the program includes built-in support for SyncTeX technology. This mechanic permits jumping from code to preview and vice versa without the attachment of external style file. Furthermore, it provides much higher reliability comparing to PDF search, specifically for those LaTeX documents, which contain mathematical formulas. In addition, after 1.35 project release, the applet gained the support of XeTeX typesetting engine.

One more considerable disadvantage of the app is that for proper operability TeXShop requires a prior standard integration of TeX Live distribution. TeXLive includes cyrillic fonts, tex fonts, dvips, latex, tex and all other virtually supporting files and programs, widely shared among the TeX world community.

In order to try applying this simple and configurable project in daily work, just download TeXShop for free and prepare for efficient and productive process and qualitative result. This software product supports tex file format handling and pdf export routine.

Format compatibility:

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