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LyX is a contemporary proficient cross-platform LaTeX/TeX editor, compatible with Windows, Linux and mac OS systems. The tool aggregates flexibility and power of TeX language with the simplicity and transparency of GUI-interface and design. The result of such extensive aggregation is world-class compatibility with mathematical formulas inserted via a tightly integrated equation editor and arbitrary documents with highly organized structure, such as books, theses, and academic articles. Moreover, LyX supports any layout related to scientific authoring, including index creation and reference lists.

The editor contains a row of salient functions, which we would like you to get acquainted with:

  • built-in complex mathematical formula editor, which completely harnesses the LaTeX might. You may embed algorithms, matrices, theorems, equation numbering, equation arrays, lists of tables/figures, contents table (with hypertext ultimate options), numbered section headings and a mass of other related objects. The editor supports configurable math macros due to the integration of highly intelligent script language;
  • structured documents creation. You may insert bibliographies, indexes, references and labels. Regarding the basic word processor routines, such as spell-checking, undo/redo, multiple open documents, copy(cut)/paste, revision tracking and thesaurus, they are also freely available;
  • amicable and configurable usability and GUI.

You may try working with the tool without any efforts and financial investments– just download LyX for free from the official portal and enjoy its power on any preferable desktop platform. The package supports export and import to a range of most popular formats: tex, doc, docx, rtf, odt, html, ascii, and pdf.

Format compatibility:

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