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BaKoMa TeX

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BaKoMa TeX

BaKoMa TeX is an innovative software package for LaTeX/TeX files operations and management. The tool includes the clear and handy WYSIWYG GUI-based editor BaKoMa TeX Word, which is very useful in every case, where visual control over the result is in need. The applet is absolutely free and continuously updated on the frequent terms.

Primary BaKoMa TeX features

The editor is definitely suitable for both beginners (or students) and proficient users. Here are the main issues, that will leverage the application of the program to your own personal need:

  • dramatic simplifying of complex tables and formulas editing;
  • the capability to edit slides in the WYSIWYG interface. The only condition is the manual full-scope integration of such additional packages as Beamer, Prosper, PowerDot, etc. You can find the appropriate installation distributives on the official project web-site;
  • fast and efficient diagrams editing (via such add-ons as XyPic, PGF/TIKZ, PSTricks, etc.);
  • the visual controls and toolsets allow to severely reduce time period, required to perform all prepress operations. Such a workflow is approved by a variety of LaTeX copy-editors all over the world.

Furthermore, BaKoMa TeX is very amicable for cooperation. The project doesn’t involve miscellaneous macro packages. It applies only plain LaTeX operations, so that the documents generated by the app could overcome the compile phase on any other LaTeX configuration without adaptation. At the same time, the suite can perfectly deal with the sophisticated LaTeX documents.

If you need to handle arbitrary press-release or documentation with a mass of diagrams, charts and formulas, download BaKoMa Tex for free from the official page and give it a try. The project is compatible with tex file extensions only.

Format compatibility:

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