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Texmaker is a modern and free LaTeX editor for Windows, Linux and macOS. The package comes bundled with PDF viewer, integrated into the distributive. Texmaker combines a variety of tools, strictly required for documents development with LaTeX. The utility is shared and distributed with the GPL license on the open-source basis.

Primary Texmaker features

Comparing to other cross-platform LaTeX editors (TeXworks), the application is much richer relating to functional abilities and options. Precisely, the program is distinguished by such sophisticated features, as:

  • unicode editor. The utility is fully compatible with a huge assortment of encodings as well;
  • spell checker, which works on-the-fly while typing;
  • code folding. All the widely used blocks and command sections can be collapsed;
  • code completion. The essential LaTeX keywords can be automatically completed while typing;
  • fast navigation. The software suite is peculiar due to a structure view, which is updated while typing automatically;
  • Master mode, which allows to simply process documents, that consist of several distinct files;
  • integrated PDF-viewer with synctex and continuous scrolling support;
  • one-step compilation via the preset “Quick build” commands;
  • a mass of mathematical symbols, which can be added with a bare click;
  • built-in wizards, designed for most common LaTeX code generation;
  • extensive documentation and help reference;
  • efficient error handling. The program lets to identify warnings and errors automatically and easily reach the appropriate lines in the document.

The program tool is very stable and constantly updated by the author. In order to assign the available LaTeX file to operational environment, download Texmaker for free and perform a quick installation. The editor supports tex files only.

Format compatibility:

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