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TeXworks is a freeware Qt-based GUI suite for the TeX typesetting system. The tool is shared following the GPL license and presented as an open-source product. The main utility target is to generate PDF output. TeXworks needs the prior TeX distributive installation: MiKTeX, for instance. All the latest MiKTeX distributive packages come bundled with TeXworks, so you don’t need to worry about looking for the appropriate app in the web as an obligatory requirement.

Primary TeXworks features

The applet is not enriched with any salient functional options. Nevertheless, below we represent a small review of the most distinguished of them:

  • the system contains internal PDF-viewer, which is working, applying Poppler library as a source. The embedded viewer includes auto-refresh opportunity and also possesses SyncTeX support. Such an integration lets to ensure the PDF viewer position synchronization with the source and backwards via a bare mouse click;
  • the project fulfills the primary target, which was considered during the original project implementation and development. In general, it concludes with lowering the entry barrier to the TeX area for those of the users, who use operating environments other than OS X.

The main disadvantage of the suite is the lack of multi-stage typesetting support, for instance SVG or PNG output through intermediate DVI. That is explained by the original design choice, which complicates such workflow implementation and makes it too sophisticated for the beginner users.

If you entangled with tex file handling and management, download TeXworks for free and this package will become a perfect solution to any difficulties resolving. The suite supports tex format exceptionally.

Format compatibility:

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