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Gnome Subtitles

Free App
Gnome Subtitles

Gnome Subtitles is a free utility for the GNOME desktop, designed for subtitles editing and distributed on the open-source basis. The Gnome Subtitles program is compatible with the most widely shared subtitle formats and allows to perform subtitle translation, timings synchronization and video previewing.

Primary Gnome Subtitles features

The tool provides all the basic and variety of advanced features, such as:

  • video sync by defining 2 or more sync points (correct time positions);
  • auto-adjustment of timings based on 2 correct sync points;
  • subtitles shift by a set delay;
  • converting between framerates;
  • reaction delay application;
  • shortcuts in order to quickly synchronize video-track;
  • video playback for subtitles representation with formatting;
  • drag & drop mechanics;
  • slow and fast motion playback;
  • support of subtitles translation;
  • split and merge subtitle lines;
  • clear WYSIWYG interface, which allows to apply formatting during subtitles editing;
  • full-scope support of spell checking;
  • subtitle headers editing;
  • find and replace option with built-in regular expression compatibility;
  • multi-level redo/undo;
  • auto-detection of subtitle format on-the-fly and character coding page;
  • embedded help reference;
  • convenient parsing of the subtitle, which serves for reading of the subtitles, which contain errors.

Furthermore, the package provides international localization on over 30 world-wide languages, that allows fansubbers from any geographical region to join the tight project community. In such a way, for Linux users the most evaluated decision will be to download Gnome Subtitles for free and get on to project appliance right at the moment. The software product supports sub and 15 supplementary file formats operations, i.e. reading, viewing and modifying.

Format compatibility:

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