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Free App

SubtitleCreator is a free-shared fully-featured subtitles editor, distributed on the open-source basis. In comparison with URUWorks Subtitle Workshop and Subtitle Edit tools, SubtitleCreator is much simpler and easier to manipulate. The clean and amicable toolset and GUI provide all the basic capabilities, required for efficient and productive subtitles editing, creating, deleting and sync.

Primary SubtitleCreator features

Due to simple business-logic and transparent usability of the project, the user can get access to any of the applet functions in a mere couple of clicks. Regarding the editing options, you may search for any text fragment and replace it on a desired phrase or word combination (similarly to word processor option), format or align subtitles, view subtitle position, change starting and ending time or modify the subtitle text.

In addition, you are allowed to:

  • select the appropriate video format (NTSC or PAL);
  • copy palette to clipboard;
  • change character encoding;
  • write in top-down orientation;
  • perform vertical text alignment;
  • enable an anti-alias filter and line wrapping;
  • apply preferred subtitle colors;
  • set outline width;
  • change font;
  • access Google Translate;
  • recognize text using OCR;
  • perform automatic adjustment of the SUP position;
  • load synchronized subtitles;
  • convert the frame rate;
  • set time delay;
  • change the background settings and image;
  • modify interface language;
  • pick a DVD decoder.

Regarding the miscellaneous tricks, you may manage and create custom profiles, cleanup space during the subtitle loading, highlight duration errors in green and too long subtitles in blue, apply changes to all subtitles.

If you require a reliable subtitle editor with full set of eligible options, don’t hesitate to download SubtitleCreator for free and enjoy the saturated gamma of the app means. The product supports sub text format and several supplementary extensions.

Format compatibility:

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