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URUWorks Subtitle Workshop

Free App
URUWorks Subtitle Workshop

URUWorks Subtitle Workshop is a cross-platform freeware tool for subtitle editing for Windows, macOS and Linux. This utility is one of the most convenient and efficient software products for converting, editing and creating subtitles in real-time mode. The amicable and user-friendly interface mixes remarkable stability and speed, advanced functionalities and easy menus access. Moreover, it contains advanced built-in video preview and audio waveform features, that will facilitate your task even more. URUWorks Subtitle Workshop is a must-have solution for any user category: fansubbers, experts or beginners.

Primary URUWorks Subtitle Workshop features

Among the peculiar app abilities are:

  • multi-level Redo/Undo operations;
  • spell-checking via NHunspell engine;
  • splitting, deleting, adding or modifying subtitles following your desires and preferences;
  • drag & drop mechanism support;
  • support of any subtitle format, available on the software market;
  • capability to handle both frame- and time-based subtitles;
  • loading files in plain text format in order to set the timings;
  • totally customizable and powerful error fixing engine;
  • optional auto fixes/checks while loading the subtitle;
  • setting duration and delay limits on the timeline;
  • automatic calculation of subtitles duration via a simple defined formula;
  • FPS conversion via single click;
  • variety of text-related operations (replace & search, convert case, punctuation fixing, read text from file and others).

The presented package is not inferior to commercial same-purpose software in opportunities and feature set. In order to correlate the corresponding subtitle file, download URUWorks Subtitle Workshop for free and get started! The applet supports sub and other common subtitle formats.

Format compatibility:

Download URUWorks Subtitle Workshop