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Safe Text

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Safe Text

Safe Text is a free-formed texting mobile applet with built-in anonymity and privacy technologies. As the developers say, even if you use most secure contemporary messengers, the interested persons can track and find out, who is your interlocutor. Such a possibility is provided by the meta data analysis. Using the Safe Text tool, this chance approaches to zero. The product is available for Android and iOS mobile environments. If you expect to use it on Windows platform, you may refer to cloud service from the web-browser.

Primary Safe Text features

Below you may find the brief review of salient and ultimate project functionalities, which confirm the highest standards the tool has been built upon:

  • you may delete the messages which you have already written and send, or conversations any moment from all participant devices;
  • all the operating servers are physically located outside the USA, which guarantees the privacy and security of all your data regardless of third-party interest to your correspondence;
  • the multiple layers of strong encryption to secure the delivered and received messages content;
  • automatic expiration of all messaged in 24 hours or less. This function is optional, and you may decide yourself whether you desire your chats to be erased after the appropriate time period;
  • screenshot protection and notification. If you use Android device, the screenshot is disabled while you opened the applet and are handling a conversation. At the same time, on iOS-based gadget the notification is sent to all chat members, that the screenshot has been taken;
  • the applet doesn’t keep any logs.

If on some reason you don’t like the security abilities of Viber or Telegram, you may download Safe Text for free and get on with this particular package encryption options. The application is compatible with the only safetext extension.

Format compatibility:

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