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Microsoft OneNote

Free App
Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a free-form software product for multi-user collaboration and information gathering. The main purpose of the tool is to gather notes (typed or handwritten), audio commentaries, screen clippings and drawings. After the info is brought on, you may share it via local network or web with other Microsoft OneNote users. The tool is available both as a part of MS Office suite or as stand-alone product for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android platforms.

Primary Microsoft OneNote features

The application is multi-featured due to a wide range of on-board abilities and opportunities:

  • users are able to insert pictures, create tables, enter typed text via keyboard, or make hand-written notes. While working, there is no need to save your work explicitly – the utility saves the processed data automatically and synchronizes it with cloud web-service, so that you are capable to access your issues from any desktop or mobile device afterwards. Sure, you may work with the cloud service itself;
  • the indexing into an audio repository and free-form graphics and search features are integrated into the applet. It may search images (i.e., photographs, embedded document scans, screen captures) for built-in text content. It also phonetically seeks for audio recordings on a text key and seeks in “electronic ink” annotations for text;
  • at last, the package provides offline paragraph-level editing with merging and synchronization afterwards. At the same time, several individuals can work over the same page simultaneously.

You may download Microsoft OneNote for free and work over the same notes on any preferable operational system and mobile gadget on your own or with your partners. All these multi-target abilities make the tool a salient combination of a stable solution for managing tasks and business projects and a shared whiteboard environment. The program supports one and pwi extension exceptionally.

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