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Kernel MBOX Viewer

Free App
Kernel MBOX Viewer

Kernel MBOX Viewer is a GUI-based viewer for MBOX email files. In comparison with plain email desktop clients, it permits to view extracted MBOX email items in a well-organized hierarchical structure in a single visual form. Kernel MBOX Viewer gathers all email items, like appointments, drafts, folders, contacts, emails, etc., in a single place, avoiding the impact to the structure of mailbox organization and its format.

Primary Kernel MBOX Viewer features

The tool is saturated with salient abilities, which belong to:

  • integration with intuitive clean interface and enriched viewing opportunities;
  • compatibility with all the build numbers of most prevalent email clients, that support MBOX corresponding objects;
  • intelligent alternatives to email filters;
  • preview of all MBOX-related email correspondence in an instance;
  • secure structure and hierarchy of all available MBOX email correspondence;
  • ensured intact properties and integrity of MBOX files, which are already processed.
  • storage of retrieved email list in HTML-view;
  • integration with dynamic email filter options, that assist to segregate already retrieved messages on the basis of defined by the user criteria, like Folder, Date/Time, Subject, From, To and so on.

The product works in the following way: on the preliminary setup stage you link MBOX Viewer to any of 20+ desktop e-mail clients, which will serve as containers of email files. Afterwards, the messages will be retrieved from them recurrently. By the way, the project supports such clients, as Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora and other most relevant apps. As soon as the correspondence is retrieved, you may work with them from a main application form.

After you download Kernel MBOX Viewer for free, you get full access to all the package abilities without any restrictions, not wasting a penny at the same time. The applet is compatible with mbox extension only.

Format compatibility:

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