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Pico is a handy eligible text editor for Linux platform. It varies with full-scope integration with Pine e-mail client. By the way, Pico also stands as an abbreviation of Pine composer title.

This utility does not support most of the features, inherent in the most corresponding similar-purpose projects, like GNU Nano, Beaver and GNU Emacs. For instance, using the tool, you can’t work over several text files simultaneously and perform a replace and find action over multiple file objects. Also, you are not capable to copy a text fragment from one file to another one using clipboard. Nevertheless, the package is compatible with search and replace operations via the embedded functional option. Thus, this specific software product will be an ideal choice for the beginners.

Primary Pico features

Basically, the Pico project has its personal clone app in Linux community, and that is GNU Nano editor. The main difference between them, is that Pico’s source code cannot be modified, as Nano. The reason for this is various license, under which the distributives are shared and available for IT-area.

Like in GNU Nano, most of the applet functions are available through keyboard commands and hotkeys combinations. Most of the command associations are linked with the Ctrl button, like justification of the text, spell checking, search for the text and selecting multiple words or paragraphs in single approach.

If you are seeking for more extensive functional abilities, like search in regular expressions, automatic indentation and syntax highlight, pay a closer attention to GNU Nano application. Otherwise, download Pico for free and try using the tool on the first occasion, as far as for Linux this product is the simplest, perhaps. This utility supports the noted text file extensions: man, me, nfo, unx, utf8.

Format compatibility:

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