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GNU Nano

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GNU Nano

GNU Nano is a console text editor for Linux, included into several OS distributives (Ubuntu, Mandrake) and distributed on the basis of open-source GNU GPL license. The tool is not too powerful regarding the functional aspect and will suit only on the starting phase of Linux set-up operation, if there are no other word processors, accessible by the user.

Primary GNU Nano features

Most of the program features are available through the functional hotkeys combinations. Although you may notice the command panel on the bottom of the active form, the majority of the options are accessible through the hotkeys. By default, there is no local help reference, included into the distributive package and stored on your hard drive. Instead, you may always refer to the list of utility hotkeys online, which are associated with proper operations:

In addition, there is a full-scope mouse integration in the project. Using mouse, you may copy and paste the text fragments (via the right click) and highlight text. For pasting the text after using the clipboard you may address to middle mouse button or wheel click.

As a bonus, the applet contains embedded mouse services, but they are quite limited. In order to toggle between GNU Nano’s internal mouse services and terminal’s mouse services use the Alt+M hotkey combination.

If you are proficient user, GNU Nano is right for you, because you may quickly perform any required operations with the text using this light-weight applet, even not touching the mouse. For the rest, it will be just another hard-to-use app without the visual GUI, which demands lots of knowledge, related to hotkeys sets and their associations. You can’t download GNU Nano for free, as far as it is not shared as the distinct distributive package. The utility is included into Ubuntu and several other Linux distributives, so you can run it any moment by using the console terminal command nano. The application is compatible with lst file extension.

Format compatibility:

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