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Beaver is a small, powerful and flexible text editor for Linux operational system. The tool is distributed on open-source GNU GPL license, so any person can use the tool on the entirely free basis. Beaver will be especially useful product for programmers, website editors and administrators, as far as it contains multiple functional options, related to these functional areas.

Primary Beaver features

Here is the short-list of essential project opportunities:

  • support of huge variety of programming languages;
  • easy modification of config files for adjustment of functional aspect and visual interface of the program;
  • automatic indentation, correction and completion of the text elements;
  • syntax highlighting;
  • the efficient macro language, that allows to generate automatic scenarios for quick user operations;
  • low hardware requirements, that will be especially helpful for owners of outdated PC configurations;
  • baseline converter, that will suit for transforming of the files into different file formats;
  • color picker for modification of the color gamma of accessible text elements;
  • accessibility of additional external plugins, that extend the primary abilities range;
  • a clean and transparent visual interface;
  • the tool is dependent only on GTK+2 programming set, thus you won’t need to install miscellaneous libraries, that consume your disk space.

Beaver suggests the user massive abilities for customization. That’s why exactly it is a common word processor for a huge spectrum of professions and proficient areas. If you are interested in the package, you may easily download Beaver for free anytime. The app supports the following text extensions: lst, rpt.

Format compatibility:

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