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Log File Viewer

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Log File Viewer

Log File Viewer is an excellent program solution for viewing the log text files on Android gadgets. The developers have taken into consideration the optimization of the app for performance. In such a way, it is capable to operate with large files magnificently. In addition, the embedded search functionality is designed for the convenience of the user and his working experience. Moreover, the Log File Viewer utility is ad free. Thus, you won’t notice the irritating banners while working with the tool.

The general use case for the product usage looks exactly like this: let’s suggest, someone has sent you an e-mail with attachment, which contains the .log file ending. The presented mobile applet allows to view the contents of the log file object with an instant tap.

Primary Log File Viewer features

he project contains several peculiar functionalities, that differentiate it from the same-purpose target utilities (Google Docs, Microsoft Word). Here comes their brief description:

  • high performance optimization. The developers have taken care of the possible memory leaks and eliminated the apparent delays and lags while working with the large-sized log file objects. The logic works in such a way, that the main module renders only those lines, which are visible on your screen. Such a decision guarantees the minimal application and usage of the RAM-memory and handling the large-sized files with greater speed;
  • custom highlighting. Log objects usually consist of the different modular parts: errors, warnings, infos, etc. The tool allows you to configure the lines for individual file parts identification and after that highlights those lines in appropriate way. This function is the main distinction between the free and paid Pro versions;

Additional functional parts of the Log File Viewer Pro look in the following way:

  • changing the font size;
  • custom color highlighting;
  • repeated searches.

In order to get a personal acquaintance with the program abilities and opportunities, you will need to download Log File Viewer for free from the Google Play store. The acquirement of the Pro- version can be performed as an in-app internal transaction. The app supports the log text files only.

Format compatibility:

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