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Office: TextMaker Mobile

Free App
Office: TextMaker Mobile

Office: TextMaker Mobile is a powerful fully-functional word processor for Android, which allows to save, edit and open any MS Word-based document files, preserving all original content and formatting. Office: TextMaker Mobile is capable to display the file structure and layout absolutely in the same way as it looks on the PC, considering even the appropriate fonts in case you copy them to your Android gadget preliminarily.

Primary Office: TextMaker Mobile features

The utility contains a range of features, that differentiate this particular tool in comparison with rival products:

  • saving and editing docx and doc documents from MS Word 6.0 to 2016 builds inclusively, retaining content and formatting of the original file;
  • full processing of Word files, protected with password;
  • export of PDF right within the app;
  • spell checking module for about 10 languages, which operates on-the-fly;
  • handling the comments and tracked changes;
  • access to your text files, stored in OneDrive, Evernote, Google Drive and Dropbox;
  • tables support;
  • a huge diversity of character formatting options, where all caps, small caps, superscript and subscript, background and text color, size and font, underlined, italic and bold are included;
  • images can be inserted from the photo gallery, built-in camera or image files;
  • configurable formatting of the paragraphs: tabs, space below/above paragraph, line spacing, paragraph alignment, first-line indent, right and left indent;
  • application of paragraph styles;
  • lists with endnotes and footnotes;
  • representation of any OpenType or TrueType font;
  • multi-level redo and undo.

The paid version of Office: TextMaker Mobile contains absolutely the same opportunities as the free applet and is available in the market just in order to support the developer with minor investment. If you download Office: TextMaker Mobile for free, you will obtain access to the full spectrum of the app abilities and modules. The tool supports files of following formats: txt, odt, html, rtf, dotm, docm, dotx, docx, dot and doc.

Format compatibility:

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