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Adobe Acrobat

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Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a professional package set, designed for creation, viewing and management of electronic publications, stored in PDF-format. Relying on the statistics and feedback data, Adobe Acrobat is the most popular application for dealing the PDF-documents among the IT- community, technicians and plain users. The developer, Adobe Systems company, have released and continuously support two versions of the product: free Adobe Acrobat Reader and paid Adobe Acrobat Pro utilities.

Primary Adobe Acrobat features

Below we will describe the major abilities of commercial build of Adobe Acrobat legacy application, - Adobe Acrobat Pro:

  • view and print of PDF-files, the searching through the PDF-file objects, including portfolios and PDF-maps;
  • create PDF-documents from any applications with print support;
  • convert MS Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel and Word files into PDF with single mouse click;
  • capture web-pages into saturated dynamic PDF-files for reviewing and archiving;
  • scan the paper documents into PDF and automatic recognition of the text via optical recognition technology (OCR);
  • save PDF as MS Word-formatted file. At the same time, the layout, fonts, formatting and tables are kept in original shape, which facilitates recurring content usage;
  • the protection of the documents via 256-bit encryption;
  • digital signature of PDF-documents.

The free Adobe Acrobat Reader doesn’t allow the user to modify and create PDF-documents from scratch or as a conversion of MS Office documents. Instead, you may only view the PDF content and execute search in the text. If those abilities are enough for you, you may always download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free for Windows, Mac OS X, Android or iOS platforms from the official Adobe web-site. Otherwise, you are eligible to get the trial Pro-version. The project supports handling the files in following formats: pdf, fdf.

Format compatibility:

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