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Ideographer KaraTunes

Ideographer KaraTunes

Ideographer KaraTunes is a commercial add-on for iTunes, that permits to put all data, which concerns user’s lyrics, into a unified database. After that the lyrics info can be searched, modified and saved via a transparent intuitive interface. As a bonus option, Ideographer KaraTunes searches for lyrics from the online databases, which contain lyrics, for the entire iTunes library. The official support of the project by the developer company has been discontinued, so you can’t find the link for the tool on the Ideographer’s web-site.

Primary Ideographer KaraTunes features

Using the described module, you may generate synced lyrics, save them in lrc format and watch them in synchronized mode while iTunes performs the playback of the song. The last released build of the product makes possible the export of the synced lyrics and music in the shape of QuickTime movies in order to watch them afterwards on iPod touch/iPhone, PC or Mac. Miscellaneously, the app users are allowed to define delay period for synced playback of the lyrics and refer to Google search for configurable keywords.

Currently the plugin is available from a range of external software portals and mirrors, but consider you won’t get any official support or help reference from the Ideographer consultant or assistance manager. Also you should pay attention, that the tool may appear incompatible with the latest iTunes versions, because they use enhanced SDKs and libraries. If you evaluated all risks and still intent to get the applet from the web, download Ideographer KaraTunes from one of the available online software-storages and test it on you iTunes instance. If it doesn’t work, you may always uninstall it. The extension supports saving of the song lyrics only in lrc format.

Format compatibility:

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