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JOE is an open-source free terminal-based text editor for Windows and Linux platforms. Due to its easy design, it’s very simple to use JOE on the daily basis. The main disadvantage of the tool is the absence of graphical interface, so you are ought to input any commands via the console line only.

Primary JOE features

The distinct functional options make the product absolutely non-replaceable, especially if you prefer to combine different languages in your daily work while coding. Here is the review of most individual features of the project, thanks to which the package has gained quite a lot of popularity in the development area:

  • embedded syntax highlight for over 40 peculiar languages;
  • UTF-8 compatibility, optional auto-detection of UTF-8 files;
  • context info status on bottom bar: notifies you regarding the function name, which is active following the cursor position;
  • full-scope mouse support, including wheel presses. The mouse controller is able to select menu entries, paste and select text, scroll windows and resize them;
  • multi-file replace and search list is provided via a UNIX command or on command line;
  • shell windows;
  • the swap file option makes possible editing of the files larger than memory capacity;
  • sensitive context on-line reference manual and help hints;
  • unlimited redo and undo operations;
  • block filter/delete/copy/move actions;
  • insert/overtype modes selection;
  • line number is displayed on the status bar.

Despite the word processor may look mean and repellent visually, in functional matter it is quite powerful and multi-purposed. This application contains everything, required for the professional programmer or test designer. Thanks to the support of multiple languages, surely you will find something fit for your personal needs – just download JOE for free from the official web-link and install the distributive on the hard drive. The project supports native joe file extension only.

Format compatibility:

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