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45RPM MailRaider

45RPM MailRaider

45RPM MailRaider is an utility, specifically designed in order to view and open your old MSG files in Mac OS system. In general, the tool works in the following way: at first you need to open appropriate Outlook MSG file, then you retrieve its attachment. Finally, the 45RPM MailRaider applet converts it into more contemporary suitable format. If you require, you may avoid converting, and cease precisely on viewing stage.

Note: if you don’t need to highlight formatting in the text, you would have to refer to Spotlight or Quicklook apps, which make this opportunity possible. Another option is to install 45RPM MailRaider Pro, which contains this functionality.

Primary 45RPM MailRaider features

The possibilities of basic MailRaider project are quite limited, and make up only the viewing of MSG files only. For the advanced features accessibility acquire the Pro version. They constitute:

  • bulk processing. With the specific Bulk Processing tool you may convert hundreds of e-mails in a single approach;
  • miscellaneous option of displaying your email with the formatting untouched (in the same shape that existed when the e-mail was originally sent) or as plain text;
  • the capability to store the e-mail content in a configurable XML format in order to provide a chance to further process your e-correspondence using tools of your own;
  • adjustable and flexible user interface;
  • the help reference, which covers all the functionality of MailRaider Pro with useful tips and consistent chapters;
  • the support of additional formats: msg (only viewing), eml, rtf and xml (viewing and saving).

If you often deal with a mass of e-mail attachments, this product will be a true godsend for you, - just download 45RPM MailRaider and enjoy its full-scale opportunities and abilities. The basic version supports msg extension only, whereas the Pro release is also compatible with eml, xml and rtf formats.

The free alternatives to the product: Mozilla SeaMonkey.

Format compatibility:

Download 45RPM MailRaider