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GNU Emacs

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GNU Emacs

GNU Emacs is the most ported and the most popular text editor among the Emacs family. This package is peculiar due to high level of extensibility, applying the special programming languages, such as Lisp and Turing complete modelling. GNU Emacs is capable to display file objects in several character sets simultaneously and in almost all human languages, known since 1999.

Primary GNU Emacs features

Since the times of open-source software birth and the start of its development in middle 80’s, the GNU Emacs has been a flagship of the movement, proclaiming the free distribution of software products. Since those times, the word processor has grown into a leader of the whole industry due to the diversity of unique opportunities and functionalities:

  • accessibility to content-aware modes of text editing, considering syntax coloring for multiple file types;
  • detailed embedded documentation, where a master tutorial for novices is included;
  • full-scope Unicode support for almost all known human scripts;
  • the high degree of customization via GUI-interface or Lisp programming language code;
  • the enormous ecosystem of different functional modules beyond text editing, where calendar, debugger interface, news and mail reader, project planner, and more are included;
  • a packaging mechanism for installing and downloading extensions and plugins.

The variety of accessible features is far richer, comparing to functional abilities of any other Emacs-family origin text editor for Linux. In the last 10 years the ports for Windows and Mac OS X platforms have been released. You may download GNU Emacs for free from the official project site, and choose the most appropriate distributive following your intensions and personal preferences. The applet is compatible with err, man, utf8, html and htm text extensions.

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