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Compact NFO Viewer

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Compact NFO Viewer

Compact NFO Viewer is a tiny convenient viewer for nfo files. In general, this product is the most popular software tool, that allows to view text file objects, that contain ASCII art. In addition to this specific purpose, Compact NFO Viewer may transform URLs, stored inside the text files, into the clickable links. As a bonus option, it is closely integrated into the Windows OS shell. Thus, you are capable to open nfo files directly from the context menu.

Primary Compact NFO Viewer features

The utility is peculiar due to the wide choice of functional abilities, which make the product especially handy and useful:

  • instant presentation and loading of the nfo files;
  • flexibility, simplicity and compactness, light and clean GUI;
  • URL detection: the package extracts hyperlink addresses and displays them as clickable items automatically;
  • configurable visual view: you may define the text font and background/text colors;
  • built-in shell integration: the applet can be defined as a default app for viewing text file objects with diz and nfo extensions;
  • unlimited size of the files. Whereas another same-purpose projects are designed for operations with files on size no more than 512 KB, Compact NFO Viewer is capable to handle files on any size;
  • built-in help reference (via the tooltips);
  • the availability of discrete versions for both 32-bit and 64-bit OS builds;
  • free distribution model;
  • portability.

This utility is perhaps the best software solution for those of the users, who often deal with graphics ASCII art in text files. It beats Notepad at all frontiers due to its possibilities. So if you still use the out-of-date MS-DOS-like client or file manager in order to view the corresponding file object, which contains ASCII, don’t hesitate to download Compact NFO Viewer for free and give this tiny program a chance. The package maintains the viewing of diz and nfo file extensions only. The official page of the tool is not accessible anymore, so use any of the external software mirrors.

Format compatibility:

Download Compact NFO Viewer