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NFOPad is a simple, quick and configurable nfo/diz viewer and text editor. Basically, the product stands out as a clone of MS Notepad, but it allows to apply more customizations to the functional and visual components of the tool, including the wide variety of miscellaneous abilities, at the same time maintaining the minimalistic GUI. In addition to plain text files, NFOPad is capable to handle any basic operations with nfo and diz file objects, which contain ASCII art. In order to determine whether to use ASCII or ANSI font as a result of text file opening procedure, the file extension is applied. In addition, the software provides the full support of Unicode.

Primary NFOPad features

The applet is differentiated due to availability of unique functions, which make the product really useful and fit for viewing operations with nfo and diz files. They are noted in the list below:

  • e-mail and hyperlink detection;
  • enriched opportunities for customization (app settings, colors, fonts);
  • embedded ASCII-fonts for nfo text files;
  • localization on over 10 worldwide languages, including German, French, Spanish and Italian;
  • portability;
  • the support of Unicode;
  • the sorting of the selected files in alphabetical order;
  • print;
  • replacement and search of the text;
  • auto width of the primary window;
  • enhanced word selection on CTRL or on double mouse click;
  • quit on Esc button;
  • the setting of tab width;
  • integration into shell;
  • the font is identified by the extension;
  • drag-n-drop mechanics availability;
  • the options of direct scrolling;
  • the copy on select functionality.

If you are looking for a customizable replacement to Notepad classical application, which can manage the nfo/diz files with ASCII art, download NFOPad for free and it will serve you for quite a long time. The application is fit for any operations with nfo and diz files exceptionally.

Format compatibility:

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