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BibDesk is an open-source-based bibliography manager for Mac OS X, which allows to manage and edit you bib-files in addition to several miscellaneous text files. BibDesk software package is a fit replacement of existing at the moment JabRef version. It contains similar functional elements, adds enhanced UTF-encoding support, allows to enrich bib-format with new margins, permits to code your own extensive plugins.

Primary BibDesk features

In comparison with other same-purpose products (like JabRef), BibDesk doesn’t contain bibliographic styles, but is easily integrated with base LaTeX styles. It possesses native import/export abilities into txt, rss, html, rtf formats and such bibliographic formats as EndNote, RIS and BibTeX. Moreover, this particular bibliographic manager gives the chance to link articles from the PC to your personal bibliography.

BibDesk makes possible the info transformation from non-structured beforehand link, perfectly imports links from such online databases, as Web of Science, and Google Scholar, as well as any other base of freely available electronic publications, through RIS and BIB formats.

For usage with LaTeX and BibTeX, this tool is a perfect GUI front-end for handling BibTeX databases in their primary bib-form. BibDesk is a comfortable and cozy means for citing, organizing and search with convenient drag-n-drop opportunities. At last, it allows to publish bibliographies to the web in the shape of RSS XML.

The program will satisfy all you needs, which concern the management of bibliographies in practical and well-organized way. In order to use the utility, download BibDesk for free beforehand from the official Sourceforge page and install it onto your hard disk drive. The tool is capable to execute basic operations over the bib files in addition to other specific text extensions.

Format compatibility:

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