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RefTeX is a specialized Linux-based package for operations with tags, links, bibliographical files and index entries. The tool contains internal text editor, where you can open and view the bib files content in addition to miscellaneous specific text database-related extensions. The RefTeX product maintains all basic modes for LaTeX, and supports handling the documents, which consist of several files. The quite detailed help manual is included into the utility distributive, which describes each of the elements of app operations.

Primary RefTeX features

RefTeX implements the following opportunities:

  • generation of contents table for the document, which is edited, and fast switch to the required chapter with the assistance of the contents;
  • creation of the tags for appropriate objects and their relations, using data, which is obtained before;
  • the abilities of searching through BibTeX databases, and application of search results for insertion of the bibliographical links;
  • index operations – generation of index entries, viewing and modification of index files;
  • handling the cross links;
  • management of the documents, which consist of several files;
  • full-scope integration with AUCTeX.

In general, the opportunities of the tool are quite wider, then it was described in the hereinabove list. What interests us the most, is the management of bib files, applying the utility. With this particular purpose the project handles just perfectly, leaving for user’s control more important tasks. If you received a bib file on e-mail or from the flash-drive and require to open it, download RefTeX for free from the developer’s web-site and use the upper menu of the GUI or the toolbar. The product is compatible with any BibTeX and LaTeX-related file extensions, including bib.

Format compatibility:

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