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Pybliographer is a freeware software Linux-based tool for reference management, designed for reformatting, searching, editing and viewing bibliographies, i.e. files with bib, bibtex and other database-related text extensions, applied for building chains between discrete entities in databases. Due to GNU GPL license distribution, Pybliographer provides a massive, stable and powerful scripting framework for programmers, that allows to extend it to other programs. The authors of the tool have also cared about the detailed documentation, so that it assists you to get familiar with the utility basics at once.

Primary Pybliographer features

The utility is not saturated with a large quantity of individual features, as far as the developers originally planned to keep their offspring maximum simple and transparent program. Nevertheless, we made an attempt to highlight several unique abilities, that will leverage your choice to the favor of this small, cozy project.

  • as an addition to the scripting environment, a clean graphical GUI is implemented in the package, based on GTK+ library. It is entitled as Pybliographic and makes possible the plenty of editing and viewing opportunities. This GUI may also be applied for direct references insertion into OpenOffice, Kile or LyX suites, so you can exchange data between all of these projects conjointly.
  • you can search through external databases, like Citeseer, Web of Science and others;
  • the product is based on a powerful API, which permits the integration of all mentioned above functionalities into your personal external custom app with specifically designed database schema.

Prior to trying to apply the package in daily work, download Pybliographer for free from the official web-resource and make the proper preparations, i.e. setting up and configure the settings. The tool is compatible with bib and several others related text file extensions.

Format compatibility:

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