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TeXnicCenter is an open-source free IDE for the LaTeX language, designed for typesetting. In order to work with TeXnicCenter, you would need TeX Live or MiKTeX distributions. The main purpose of the tool is to allow user to read and view the bib-files content, as well as to type documents in LaTeX language and transform them into PS, DVI or PDF formats.

Primary TeXnicCenter features

The upper TeXnicCenter menu provides access to precoded environments and elements (sections, symbols and formulas). In addition, it makes possible the creation of projects to access and organize the environments and sections of the docs, and allows to insert a bibliography (the file with bib extension) and an index (via MakeIndex).

Here is a short review of most relevant applet functions and abilities:

  • the clean and intuitive user interface. LaTeX code snippets allow to easily insert LaTeX constructs via menus and toolbars. The multi-tab toolbar permits to open a large quantity of files at once and work with them altogether simultaneously;
  • internal text editor with syntax highlighting, auto completion, parenthesis matching, dynamic word wrapping, spell checker, inverse and forward search and a huge quantity of miscellaneous opportunities;
  • convenient and transparent file handling. The template based file creation routine, plug-in interface for third party wizards and document projects make file operations in the package especially pleasant and user-friendly;
  • the specific Navigator view allows to switch between structure view, object view, file view and reference view directly on-the-fly, that facilitates the projects management a lot.

TeXnicCenter allows to open and read the bib-text files in addition to other specific chain extensions. Prior to installation of the product on your PC you need to download TeXnicCenter for free from the official web-resource and to prepare the setup of MiKTeX or TeX Live distributives. These projects work together in unified manner.

Format compatibility:

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