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JabRef is a program tool, designed for bib, BibTeX and BibLaTeX formats management, i.e. opening, viewing and editing files, stored in any of the noted text formats. As far as the product is written on Java, it is a multiplatform application and completely compatible with Mac OS X, Linux and Windows operational environments. In general, JabRef product provides a common interface for modifying bib files, for data import from scientific databases, which are available online, and for bib and BibTeX files search and management.

Primary JabRef features

Here the common review of most important JabRef functions and abilities comes. We should specify, that the opportunities of the package are much wider and broader, than you can define following this list:

  • the app produces entirely bib-compatible output;
  • simple and clean viewing, searching (via ANTLR) and editing of reference entries;
  • sophisticated grouping function for explicit organization of reference entries, or management, which is based on general search items or keywords;
  • filters for importing up to 15 distinctive formats;
  • download of the reference full text in automatic mode;
  • URL, PDF, DjVu and PS-links to external resources can be opened via a single mouse click;
  • the user may run the utility as a batch job in console mode in order to process reference files converting;
  • configurable generation of bib-keys;
  • complete customization of export filters;
  • qualitative localization on up to 15 world-wide languages, including German, French and Italian.

JabRef is ultimate means for the full-scope management of bib, BibTex and BibLaTeX files, and entirely supports them all. In order to try applying the package in daily work, download JabRef for free from the official resource.

Format compatibility:

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