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MiKTeX is a contemporary implementation of LaTeX/TeX typesetting system, compatible with Windows environment. The main purpose of the application is providing the tools, required for text documents preparation via LaTeX/TeX markup language usage. One of the additional MiKTeX options is opening and viewing the bib text files content with the assistance of simple embedded TeXworks text editor.

Primary MiKTeX features

Here comes the quick review of most peculiar special tool opportunities, that make this particular utility unique and distinctive:

  • easy to install. It is quite simple to set up the product onto Windows-based PC. The internal wizard will walkthrough over the iterative steps of the setting up procedure to the very completion. The installation routine of the program doesn’t differ anyhow from the similar process, applied to any other Win-application;
  • the complete functionality embedded. In order to assist you to typeset your documents, the complete set of additions are available in the project distributive (fonts, styles, programs, etc.);
  • internal package manager. The embedded package management applet allows to install the missing modules from the web, when it is necessary. This specific functional element makes your PC clutter-free. Thus, only installation packages you require at the moment will be accessible on your Windows environment;
  • frequent updates. The exclusive MiKTeX Update Wizard will help to maintain your system in up-to-date state via installation of the most recent package updates;

The applet will become your most in-time assistant in TeX/LaTeX books preparation. The tool would also handle the bib text files opening and viewing. In order to have a look on the product opportunities, download MiKTeX for free from the official site and make sure in the tool power and efficiency.

Format compatibility:

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