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Falken BBS

Falken BBS

Falken BBS is one of the several BBS projects, which permits up to 128 network users to connect to a single system simultaneously without the need to use external multitasker. The tool is much more advanced in comparison with the majority of existing nowadays BBS-clients, as far as it allowed users to handle multiplayer games and online teleconferences. Currently the Falken BBS product is evolved from MS-DOS compatible utility to stable and customizable Linux utility. The package is distributed following the shareware-based license.

Primary Falken BBS features

Further the comprehensive list of most important app opportunities is noted:

  • intelligent and clean setup. In order to maintain and install the application you don’t need to be familiar with Linux special abilities and options. A simple setup script will perform all the work for you;
  • customization. The GUI of the applet is fully customizable, so there are no two identical BBS systems for your esthetics;
  • modem or Telnet accessibility. The user can choose the connection type between dial up and Telnet to your system;
  • stability. The presented BBS is one most of the most stable tools among those, available on the market. In case a single node would crash, that doesn’t make influence on the operability of other nodes work process;
  • third party developers. With the growing Falken popularity, the same happens with the software archive. Maintaining the product sustainability, a few third party developers work on new extensions and add-ons for the applet;
  • netmail messages. As soon as the connection to FTN is established, your users and you as well may exchange the personal mails with other BBS platforms, accessible via your network.

The mentioned list is not completed. In order to be familiar with the rest of the options, download Falken BBS from the official resource of the package. The product may open the bbs text files and view their content.

The free alternatives of the application: Mystic BBS, WWIV, Synchronet.

Format compatibility:

Download Falken BBS