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Synchronet is a freeware BBS package, which currently entirely supports Windows and Linux platforms. The product is still supported by the developer, although new stable builds appear not so often, as we would like to. In comparison with similar same-purpose program tools (Excalibur BBS, WWIV), the Synchronet project perfectly supports the latest Windows versions, including Win 8.1 and 10. Most of some-time-ago popular products cannot boast with such a high compatibility.

Primary Synchronet features

Here is the brief review of most notable peculiar and individual opportunities, which the Synchronet application can provide:

  • actual support of any Windows versions;
  • the product is multiplatform. Thus, you can find official ports to Windows and Linux operational systems on the official web-site;
  • integration and embracing such web-protocols as HTTP, NNTP, IRC, POP3, SMTP, FTP and Telnet;
  • the program is distributed on the open-source basis. In such a way, you may adopt the core or plugin functionality according to your personal aesthetical taste and needs;
  • the availability of external libraries and utilities diversity, which considerably improve and enhance the product functional component, as well as graphical interface;
  • the possibility to attach the third-party software to the application, which is originally designed for other BBS software packages (like domain entertainment doors and OpenDoors).

If you need to open and view the content of bbs-file, the applet will become an ideal godsend, which will perfectly resolve this issue. Just download Synchronet for free from the official app page and choose the port for your currently used operational system, - the rest is just a matter of technics. The utility is compatible with bbs text extension only.

Format compatibility:

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