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Excalibur BBS

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Excalibur BBS

Excalibur BBS is one of the client/server BBS tools with graphical interface, based on Windows OS. The first release of the Excalibur BBS utility has been officially made in 1993. The product has been developing by the Excalibur Communications company till 1999, when the developer ceased any operations regarding official support of the product.

Primary Excalibur BBS features

The client utility worked in the common manner: the tool connected to BBS server via a TCP/IP connection or via modem. After the connection is established, the user could connect to web- conference, group chat, or file storage, where he could download any preferred content, available on the server. Considering the time, when the product was used and well-known in the web society, the applet contained a saturated and enriched GUI, which allowed to get access to music message boards, games, instant messaging and other resources.

The applet contained external add-ons called plugins, which could severely improve and enhance the functional components of the application. Mainly, those plugins expanded such abilities, as editing user’s account info, changing password, chat, Who’s on, Fido net, Internet and local e-mail, file searches etc. The configurable add-ons could also implement gaming apps without/with sound and animation.

Important note: considering the programming limitations, the client and server apps cannot work on operational environments newer than Win XP. So this particular project is not suitable for contemporary platforms, which are available nowadays.

Regarding opening and viewing text bbs-files, the project handles this purpose entirely. In order to do this, download Excalibur BBS for free from one of the external mirrors and perform corresponding configuring of the app settings. The product is compatible with bbs text extension only.

Format compatibility:

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