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WWIV is a widely spread BBS software, produced and shared under the open-source license. Starting from the late 1980s and up to mid-90s the WWIV tool gained the peak of its popularity. On the dusk of BBS server software the quantity of the product users has severely decreased, but didn’t fall below the average level. In relation to opening and viewing the BBS-files, the applet successfully performs this particular purpose.

Primary WWIV features

Due to availability of modifiable source code, the advanced users, web-administrators and system developers have a chance to configure the main BBS tool according to their personal aesthetics and needs. In addition, the app allowed several tens of thousands clients to exchange the data between each other, arranging a universe computer network, called the WWIVnet, close by the structure to Fido network.

The list of peculiar functionalities is quite attractive, so here we represent the most important of them:

  • drop-in is compatible with 4.3 build or later;
  • the availability of 32-bit version for Windows OS;
  • the support of 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Linux OS;
  • SSH/Telnet Server with the support of blacklisting;
  • embedded X/Y/Z-Modem bandwidth support;
  • embedded QWK support;
  • native WWIVnet operability is maintained;
  • FTN (FidoNet) operability is maintained through the WWIVtoss algorithm;
  • Door32.sys library is supported as well;
  • perfect compatibility with FOSSIL SynchroNet driver or DOSBOX package.

If you own the bbs file and would like to check out its content, download WWIV for free from the official web-server, and after that you will be able to obtain the resources, stored on the remote BBS-server. The product is compatible with bbs file extension only.

Format compatibility:

Download WWIV