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Mystic BBS

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Mystic BBS

Mystic BBS is one of the most shared BBS packages in the web. The first version of the tool has been released officially in 1997. Since those times the applet has gained a variety of new functionalities and options thanks to the support of open-source community. This utility will surely be suitable for those of the users, who share a common interest in BBS modding and ANSI art. Mystic BBS project is compatible with a diversity of contemporary platforms, such as Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

Primary Mystic BBS features

Here comes the review of peculiar applet functionalities and opportunities, which will assist you to get acquainted closer with the app predestination and targets:

  • connection to SSH, RLOGIN and TELNET servers, considering simultaneous connection of up to 250 terminal users;
  • embedded FTP, NNTP and POP3/SMTP servers. Due to noted connections support, you can create virtual mirrors of your BBS file bases and allow users to receive and send BBS e-mail via special e-mail clients;
  • internal compatibility with File Distribution Network;
  • IPV6 and IPV4 dual stack for all of the servers;
  • flexible and efficient network/internet integration;
  • customized menu system. This option considers unlimited menus quantity with event-driven menu system, extended input and hot key options where hidden options and casing are included, the ability to fire off any number of menu commands/events with the assistance of a single defined menu option and other possibilities;
  • language/theme system;
  • message base system;
  • file base system, etc.

Despite this particular product serves mainly for managing and handling the BBS-connection, you may still use it as a word processor editor for viewing specific text file extension, - bbs. In order to associate a bbs-file with the applet, download Mystic BBS for free from the official web-server and install it onto the hard drive.

Format compatibility:

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