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Vim is a quite popular freeware text editor for Linux and macOS platforms. Vim works both as a console command-line access tool and as a discrete app with GUI-interface. The product is totally free and is distributed on a charityware basis, which encourages the user to donate any sum voluntarily, but not obligatory.

Primary Vim features

An essential part of the tool interface and usable components can be extensively customized. First of all, the user can associate appropriate often performed automated action sequences or abbreviations as macros. Thus, you don’t need to press the same buttons many times in order to perform the corresponding action. Instead you link such a sequence to appropriate hotkey combination or simple graphical button on the toolbar and avoid the identical actions in the future.

Another important part is the plugins. Their purpose is to add or extend new or existing functionality correspondingly. Using the internal scripting language called vimscript, you may add some changes to the available modules or create new from scratch, adopting its functional part according to your personal needs. You may also use external programming script languages, such as Tcl, Ruby, Python, Perl and others.

Vim contains a range if enhancements, where merging, comparison and completion of files are included. All of these improvements are absolutely clear thanks to accessibility of comprehensive integrated help system, which describes all of the peculiarities and distinctions of text editor’s usable elements and components in detail. Moreover, you may apply extended regular expressions during the macros creation and hotkeys combinations linkage.

The utility is compatible with the following text extensions: ans, err, man, utf8. If you desire to obtain personal user experience while working with the tool, download Vim for free from the official project server.

Format compatibility:

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