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OpenDocument Reader

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OpenDocument Reader

OpenDocument Reader is a lightweight and simple ODT-reader, which allows to view text documents, created in OpenOffice Writer and LibreOffice Writer program tools. This app is the best solution for reading and searching through your documents when you are on the way, driving a car or travelling by bus or train. OpenDocument Reader provides a simple and clean way to get access to your text files, wherever you are. Moreover, if you noticed a minor typo in the important text document, which you expect to send to your manager or customer, with OpenDocument Reader you are capable to make a fix. Thus, in addition to viewing, the utility allows to edit the odt files, which brings a diversity of positive feelings.

Primary OpenDocument Reader features

OpenDocument Reader differs from the same-purpose mobile applets due to its clearness, transparency and convenience. Several peculiar special features should be noted as well:

  • viewing and reading of any odt, ods and odp documents, created by the open-source projects. The file objects with embedded images and complex formatting are also included;
  • lightweight and simple visual interface, which will perfectly suit both for novices and professionals from any area of professions;
  • fast and efficient work even on less-powered mobile phones and tablets due to the low system requirements and hardware base;
  • the ability to provide password-protection to the most important of your text files;
  • full functionality without any payments and in-app purchases. The only discomfort is mini-ads.

In order to try applying this utility in daily practice, just download OpenDocument Reader for free from the mobile Google Play market and install it onto your gadget. The project handles only odt text documents.

Format compatibility:

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