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IBM Notes

IBM Notes

IBM Notes is a powerful client-server software solution for the collaborative platform, sold by IBM enterprise. Formerly the package was entitled as Lotus Notes, but in the result of rebranding the name of the project has been changed to Notes afterwards, which is still valid nowadays. The IBM Notes program brings into life lots of business collaboration functions, such as user directories, blogs, instant messaging, microblogging, file sharing, discussion forums, teamrooms, contacts management, to-do lists, calendars and email. One of the crucial functions of this complex utility is the capability to read odt text files, but the possibilities of the product are definitely far from this limit.

Primary IBM Notes features

The opportunities of the program solution are quite wide. Further we will describe the most vital of them:

  • the platform can be used for web-browsing, instant messaging, PIM, calendar, e-mail and other purposes;
  • the product may get access to both server- and local-based data and apps;
  • Notes can also be used as a POP and IMAP email client;
  • miscellaneously, such functions as automatic HTML conversion of all documents, NNTP-based news support, MIME/SMTP-based e-mail, group schedules and calendars belong to the list of primary features;
  • the project can be applied in a single bundle with IBM Sametime instant-messaging service, which permits to notice whether other users are online and arrange a chat conversation with any of them at the same moment;
  • starting from release of 7-th version, the tool provides a web services interface.

As you can see, the opportunities of the application are quite diverse, and require a detailed acquaintance. It can be possible, if you download IBM Notes from the official site of this project and install a trial version, which works only 90 days without any functional limitations. The product is able to read odt text files exceptionally.

The free alternatives of the package: OpenOffice Writer, LibreOffice Writer, AbiWord.

Format compatibility:

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