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LibreOffice Viewer

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LibreOffice Viewer

LibreOffice Viewer is a unified solution to read OpenDocument and MS Word text documents in Android. As the title of the mobile applet says, you can’t edit the content of the file objects with LibreOffice Viewer. Everything that you are capable of is to read the appropriate text file. At the moment the editing functional is available is a non-stable experimental feature, turned off by default. In order to enable it, address to the Settings form from the main app window.

This tool is a part of one of the best free desktop suites, which recently was available only on desktop platforms, and currently released on Android environment.

Primary LibreOffice Viewer features

All the capabilities of the program are limited to reading of the text files only. Thanks to the simplicity of the utility, even the novices can learn handling the tool in a couple of seconds. After the installation of the applet on the gadget, it becomes closely integrated into the mobile environment and the appropriate item instantly appears on the menu of programs, available in order to open the selected text file.

The project uses absolutely the same engine, which is applied on desktop platforms: Linux, MacOS X and Windows. In combination with a new front end, which is Firefox for Android based, the product views the docs very fast in a method, quite similar to desktop LibreOffice solutions.

The interface of the tool is absolutely transparent and clear, so it will take a bare second for you to learn using it in daily work.

Viewer for free from the Google Play store and the program will be ready for serving purposes right away. The utility is totally compatible with the following text formats: odt, docx and doc. If you are searching for the mobile applet with wider compatibility options, have a closer look at OOReader project for Android environment.

Format compatibility:

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