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OOReader is a universal viewer for ODF and related files, which were created with LibreOffice and OpenOffice suites. In addition to ODF, OOReader is compatible with all the similar corresponding formats, as well as the MS Word plain and XML-based extensions. Using OOReader in daily practice, you will achieve an all-in-one viewer, that will suit to any situation regarding viewing the content of your text file on Android or iOS phone or tablet.

Primary OOReader features

The principle of OOReader usage is very straightforward: at first you need to open text file in any application (Chrome, Mail or other), after that tap on the text file object, and in an instant you will be able to see the text file content on your display. Other methods concern calling the stored with text extension file from the SD card or from the cloud service: GoogleDrive and Dropbox. If the file is pretty large in size, you may run the document preview from the OOReader program. For this action you will require a PDF-reader (like Adobe Reader, Infraware Polaris Office or PDF Reader).

Note: while using OOReader, you won’t be able to edit the file content. You are just capable to view it. Nevertheless, the variety of the supported extensions is quite large. Thus, OOReader will replace the individual file viewers, which operate with distinct extensions in consecutive order. As you can see, this particular tool stands out as the universal solution for dealing with all the popular text formats in Android and iOS environments.

The OOReader applet processes the following file types: sxw, stw, sdw, odm, ott, odt, dotx, docx, dot, doc and rtf. In order to try applying the tool in work, download OOReader for free from the Google Play or App Store markets for Android and iOS gadgets correspondingly.

Format compatibility:

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