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StarOffice Writer

StarOffice Writer

StarOffice Writer, also known as Oracle Open Office, is a trialware office suite, which has been discontinued in 2011. At the times of development, the product was a fit competitor to such well-known open-source packages, as LibreOffice and OpenOffice. At the same time, the functional part of the product was quite saturated and enriched. After installing the suite, the user received everything he needed for efficient relevant work over text documents.

Primary StarOffice Writer features

The StarOffice package differs from the concurrent products due to the availability of a range of distinctive functional peculiarities, among which are:

  • the office suite is fully compatible with sxw and stw XML-based text formats, as well as with ODT file extension. Miscellaneously, it could generate a PDF-file from the opened in text editor document;
  • the utility included SDK, macro recorder and templates.

    The tool also contains several additional proprietary components:

  • Adabas D database;
  • a pretty huge clip-art gallery;
  • sorting feature for builds, related to Asia;
  • a consistent spell checker, absolutely different in comparison with the module, used by, and thesaurus;
  • a dozen of miscellaneous Western fonts (where Garamond, Broadway, Sheffield, Palace Script, Kidprint and others are included) and more than five Asian language fonts;
  • filters for file import, designated for older text formats, where XyWrite, WordStar, PFS Write, MultiMate, DisplayWrite and EBCDIC are included.

The suite is a perfect solution for handling the text files in early operational systems (Windows 2000 and ME). In order to make sure in it, download StarOffice Writer from the official user portal. The range of compatible formats is not too large. The suite magnificently deals with sxw, stw, odt, docx and doc text formats.

The free alternatives of the word processor: OpenOffice Writer, LibreOffice Writer.

Format compatibility:

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