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.msg Files Reader

Free App
.msg Files Reader

.msg Files Reader is a conditionally free msg reader with in-app purchases for Android. The .msg Files Reader program serves to display a set of .msg files in chronological order and, as a result, to view those messages.

Primary .msg Files Reader features

In fact, the utility resolves one considerable problem. By default, incoming messages are displayed in Outlook ordered by their received/sent date instead of the system date. After the export of the Outlook messages, they are moved between relevant kinds of media. The date, based on which the export works, is the file system modified/created date. Until you manually import the e-mails to Outlook, or similar-purpose app, backwards, there’s no possibility to change their order in the right way. The .msg Files Reader mobile applet allows to change the sorting order of the msg files properly in Android environment, i.e. by their received/sent date.

The capabilities of the free tool version are quite pure. Here are the main differences between the free and paid versions of the product:

  • the non-paid build permits you to load not more than 5 .msg files;
  • the free branch of the project does not allow to save e-mail listing between application restarts;
  • in addition, in .msg Files Reader Free you may view just one mail attachment, i.e. the first one.

Although in Google Play store the project is available as free, there is basically no way to work with this relevant utility without acquiring the license of the product. After making in-app purchase, all the limitations are removed, and you may use the tool opportunities according to your necessities. Nevertheless, you may download .msg Files Reader in order to get common impressions regarding the tool usability and GUI. The product works with only msg files exceptionally.

Format compatibility:

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