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OutlookMsg Reader

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OutlookMsg Reader

OutlookMsg Reader is a tiny mobile single-modular applet, which allows to open msg attachments in your Outlook client, installed on Android OS. The OutlookMsg Reader utility cannot work by itself. Instead, the tool requires prior installation of Outlook mail client on your smartphone or tablet. As a result, this particular product is valid only in bundle with Outlook.

Primary OutlookMsg Reader features

The project is really simple and primitive, so it is not differential in comparison with other similar program solutions (File Viewer for Android, .msg Files Reader). The tool works in such a way:

  • after running the Outlook client open OutlookMsg Reader app;
  • after that on the main applet form the list of msg attachments appears, based on the incoming messages from Outlook;
  • select the msg file which you wish to view;
  • the new mini-form is displayed with the content of the msg attachment.

Note: as an option, you may save attachments in a similar named sub-folder in the same folder, where Outlook stores the attachments for incoming messages.

As you may notice, it is quite easy and intuitively to use the mobile applet. With its purpose the tool manages perfectly, and it is just what we need. Download OutlookMsg Reader for free from the official page in the Google Market store, and check out the application opportunities for yourself. The utility is compatible with msg text extension only.

Format compatibility:

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