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PMMail is a cross-platform project, designed in order to handle e-mail correspondence on your PC. Specifically, with its assistance you may view MSG files easily. This flexible program solution provides an organized method of all your e-mail accounts management, regardless whether they are business or personal. Commonly, the PMMail tool offers today’s power users a timesaving, cost-effective way for communication through e-mail transferal.

Primary PMMail features

Below the essential opportunities of the product will be described for your attention:

  • the capability for migrating to Outlook Express, Microsoft Internet Mail, Netscape Messenger, Netscape Mail and Eudora;
  • inclusive SDK for the software developers, which would assist to create miscellaneous migration DLLs;
  • the tool is fully integrated with the WGS (Windows Graphical Shell);
  • the capability for “Send to” menu option usage in order to send file objects to PMMail;
  • located in Task Tray pictogram, required to indicate, whether new e-mail correspondence has appeared in mailbox;
  • the function of minimizing the app to the Task Tray;
  • the calling of context menu, accessed via right mouse button click, with options, which permits the user to efficiently read new letters or just notice, who was the e-mail received from;
  • you may view e-mails formatted with simple HTML right in the embedded editor of the PMMail utility;
  • compatibility with specifications for vCard;
  • the availability of context menus for quick saving, accessed from attachments.

Although the tool is not supported currently, you may still find it in the web on external software portals. Download PMMail and you will freely be able to use it on Windows XP or earlier Win builds. The applet allows to read and view msg file formats only as an option to all basic e-mail operations.

Free alternatives to the application: EZ Freeware Free Opener, Mozilla SeaMonkey.

Format compatibility:

Download PMMail