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Mozilla SeaMonkey

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Mozilla SeaMonkey

Mozilla SeaMonkey is an open-source, distributed with freeware license web-suite. Developed by Open Source Foundation, Mozilla SeaMonkey consists of web-browser, e-mail client and HTML Editor (called SeaMonkey Composer). Using the embedded e-mail client, you may view, read and edit MSG files directly in the main app form. Despite MSG format is a primary file extension for MS Outlook, SeaMonkey is a perfect solution for handling this type of files.

Primary Mozilla SeaMonkey features

The SeaMonkey project contains a range of interesting features, that differentiate this product from other suites, both freeware and paid. Here comes their common description revealed:

  • support of the skins. By default, the suite contains 2 default graphical themes: Classic and Modern. As usually, if you desire, you may download miscellaneous skins right from the official product web-page;
  • latest versions of the suite do not contain IRC client. Nevertheless, the user may install it as an additional extension;
  • the mail-client with intuitively clear name Mail supports several accounts for e-correspondence, message filters, address books, HTML message support and junk mail detection as well. The source code is based on the same comm-central branch tree, as the Thunderbird product from the same developer. It is worth to be noticed once more, that Mail is capable to perfectly read, view and edit MSG files, which are stored as an attachment to corresponding e-mails.

If you are keen on this particular product, you may get acquainted with it closer, if you download Mozilla SeaMonkey for free from the official project web-page. The application is still quite frequently updated and recently gained support of latest MS Windows versions, including Win 8 and 10 releases. The product supports reading of the msg files exceptionally.

Format compatibility:

Download Mozilla SeaMonkey