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EZ Freeware Free Opener

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EZ Freeware Free Opener

EZ Freeware Free Opener is a flexible multi-functional program tool, that allows to open files in a large variety of formats. What interests us the most, it is capable to open text files with good dozen of extensions, starting from Microsoft Word documents and up to msg and log extensions. In addition to this, this utility is capable to handle most popular music, movie and image file types. The total quantity of supported by EZ Freeware Free Opener file formats reaches 75+ extensions.

Primary EZ Freeware Free Opener features

Basically, this applet can replace a multitude of distinct program solutions and complex combines of different targets, including MS Office, Outlook, Windows Media Player and AIMP or any other music player. While using this particular tool, you will be able to apply it as all-in-one package, which may handle any file format without installing any external applications.

In addition to viewing of the files, EZ Freeware Free Opener is able to edit text documents directly in the main program form. The program is distributed on the free basis. Thus, it will assist to keep your wallets untouched.

If you schedule to try using this product on the daily basis, at first you will need to download EZ Freeware Free Opener for free from a chosen web-mirror, as far as the official web-site of the project is not available anymore. The applet is compatible with noted below text documents extensions: doc, docx, txt, pdf, html, htm, msg, log and others.

Format compatibility:

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