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BitDaddys Email Open View Pro

BitDaddys Email Open View Pro

BitDaddy Email Open View Pro is an analogue of Encryptomatic MsgViewer Pro utility. Comparing these two solutions, the functional part and abilities of BitDaddys Email Open View Pro are quite similar to the last mentioned product, which makes it a must-have tool either for ordinary users or proficient category.

Primary BitDaddys Email Open View Pro features

The project contains a wide range of peculiar features, which should be described and noted more precisely:

  • viewing and reading of msg, eml and other formats of e-mail files. The reading starts when the user makes a double click on the corresponding object in the explorer. The procedure is absolutely the same as the standard Windows file, so you won’t tackle with any problems regarding this;
  • conversion of eml into pdf. As an additional option, the eml can be converted to most popular image formats;
  • the attachments from the e-mail desktop client can be extracted to distinct file and being viewed later in the explorer after saving;
  • print of the eml file into HTML or text version;
  • miscellaneously, the rich text content can be edited in the primary app form;
  • the program can be called and run from the command line, if you don’t prefer all-around integration into the explorer;
  • the adjustment and customization of the essential settings directly from the Settings form;
  • attachment browsing and embedded images viewing belong to the additional opportunities as well.

Note: In order to view Outlook msg files you don’t require to install Microsoft Outlook desktop client. Alternatively, you may open the file content directly in the main form of the product itself.

It is not hard to start using the application – just download BitDaddys Email Open View Pro and get pleasure from its functional gamma and pattern. The project supports mainly msg and eml text formats, not considering the specific rare extensions, related to e-mail correspondence.

Alternative free products: EZ Freeware Free Opener, Mozilla SeaMonkey.

Format compatibility:

Download BitDaddys Email Open View Pro