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Encryptomatic MsgViewer Pro

Encryptomatic MsgViewer Pro

Encryptomatic MsgViewer Pro is a professional complex tool for massive operations upon your msg files and common e-mail content. This specific utility is able to manage huge quantities of .msg files. If all your e-mails are stored in distinct folders recursively, the Encryptomatic MsgViewer Pro product will assist to combine the unified list from all of them, which you can batch convert to EML, CSV, MBOX or PDF, search and filter, or use another widely-spread text formats.

The MsgViewer Pro app is the thoroughest email viewer for msg files out of Outlook scope. It may perform the html, text and other compound and formatted with rich text .msg file objects rendering. In addition, you will definitely evaluate the embedded rendering engine following the converting of msg files to pdf extension.

Primary Encryptomatic MsgViewer Pro features

You may check out the brief list of most peculiar relevant MsgViewer Pro functionalities:

  • conversion of msg files into a wide variety of formats (currently PDF, CSV, ODT, DOCX, text, HTML, MHT, EML and MBOX files are supported). You may convert either individual files or bulk as an option. The bulk conversion extracts email attachments as distinct files and saves them into the specified folder;
  • file naming. Using this program solution, you may configure and use a specifically defined file name sequence. The special module for naming routine is included into the application;
  • the msg files search. Using the noted tool, you may apply searching of your directory of msg files, and after that forward or reply to messages via your preferenced e-mail desktop client.

As you may notice, the abilities of MsgViewer Pro do not limit with the reading opportunity only. The tool is capable to perform a mass of operations, where viewing is only an optional component. If you wish to try using the tool personally, download Encryptomatic MsgViewer Pro from the Google Play market. The utility supports the viewing of .msg files exceptionally. Nevertheless, it may convert the source .msg file resources to another text formats, which you can view or send afterwards.

The free alternative products: EZ Freeware Free Opener, Mozilla SeaMonkey.

Format compatibility:

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