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Log Viewer

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Log Viewer

Log Viewer is a small mobile applet, which allows the Android users to view text files, stored with log extension. Log Viewer does not consume much system resources. Thus, it prevents massive memory leaks and operational delays. The interface of the product is simple and easy. In such a way, it will take couple of seconds to get used to the functional parts and modules of the utility.

Primary Log Viewer features

Despite the primitive transparent usability, the application includes several relevant functionalities, which should be described in detailed way. Here they are:

  • the files can be opened directly from downloads/attachments or from local storage;
  • full support of zip/gzip log file objects for reading or viewing;
  • the ability to make search in the text;
  • line numbers can be displayed on the left part of the main form;
  • miscellaneous option of word wrap application;
  • instant switch to an appropriate specified line;
  • customization of the font size;
  • the availability of settings form with the adjustment of most important tool parameters.

The feedback from Android users is mostly positive: the project can handle with most log files, and it will become a true windfall for system administrators and IT-area experts, who desire to get objective information regarding the e-mail transferal in their enterprise department or locally.

If you schedule to install the application to your Android-based mobile phone or tablet, you would require to download Log Viewer for free from the Google Play store preliminarily, and after that you may track the e-mail delivery routine. This particular product supports the viewing of log files only.

Format compatibility:

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